MY TASK Special occasion Female Force 2017

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    Status: Completed
    Director: Tien Quoc Vy,
    state: China, Hong Kong,
    Year: 2016
    Duration: 98 minutes
    Quality: The beautiful
    Resolution: HD 720p
    Languages: English Subtitles
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    Category: Action Movies, Movie theater humor , Movie theaters, Movies
    Company Manufacture: Unknown


    A group of six talented policewoman genius is recruitment and become task. During the final examination, the party shall be disqualified for 6 people disobeyed orders forced to retreat cutback when things are out of control. But a former officer gave six people a chance juncture - attend the "Task beauty '- female task force was disbanded dissolution 25 years ago after a failed mission.

    The mission of the team is to arrest the ringleader of the Triads - who is nicknamed "the President" and he also is cause that the "task beauty 'must disbanded 25 years ago. He was arrested because he holds Yoshida experts held a virus can turn into weapons biological weapons , threatening the security of many state aims blackmail.

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